Go Ahead and Press Play For Me

"Press what?" I'm questioned. This actually happens a lot. When I'm finished performing an installation and everything is clean and wiped down I start my training. I usually hand over the remote and ask the homeowner to 'take the wheel.' This starts with me walking them through how to operate the system. Over the last few weeks there had been a reoccurring question from some of the homeowners; 'which button is that?'

I usually smile and point to whichever button I am asking about. I never really thought that maybe some people actually don't know what these symbols mean. Even though some of the symbols date back to the 60's and I grew up understanding what they mean, that doesn't mean everyone does. After the first two times I had been questioned I started looking at the remotes that I was replacing; they had the words written out.

When you use the same remote for a long period of time you get into a habit of just pressing a button. If you happen to forget what a button does and you look down and it says play, pause, stop, etc. then you may not categorize those actions with symbols. But, when a service provider comes in to replace your remote and upgrade your system and then introduces a new set of symbols, you may be shocked at first.

I created a little one-pager for those who need to brush up on what the symbols are and what they mean. Go ahead and click on the image; read through it, share it, thumbs up or heart it.

If you are the homeowner who might be taking their remote for the first test drive, keep in mind that the industry it trying to move forward with the universal symbols. If you are service provider on the other side of the remote, keep in mind that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Just because you know something doesn't mean that everyone does. Be patient, embrace the change, press play, and rock on.