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The Arrival: It's Been Too Long

For a really long time a lot of us have been asking for the Amazon Prime Video app to be brought back to iOs, especially with the introduction of the App store to the AppleTV 4 and 4K. Using streaming media players makes the streaming video app experience app-solutely amazing. Terrible, I know. I'll bring you more. Don't worry.

I try to include some kind of streaming media device on every installation and recommend the specific kind depending on the ecosystem my client is already familiar with. When I meet the Apple user and get them excited about AppleTV they usually follow up with the question, "So it has Prime Video?""Not so much, but rumor has it that Apple and Amazon are in talks about the development of the app by the end of the month." was how I responded.

Seriously, every month I read a new article about how the AppleTV was going to have the Prime Video app 'by the end of the month.' Until now. As of today Apple has announced and released the Prime Video app on the AppleTV 4 and 4K. So to all of my friends, family, and previous customers who were looking for this- look no further. Well, except further down the article.

For those of you who are not too familiar with Prime Video, it's a video service offered by Amazon to Prime account subscribers. There is a ton of content on there that is free as well as some paid content. It's another streaming platform to add to your list of streaming media services, but if you are a Prime member you won't have to worry about paying another monthly fee since you already have the account. Bonus: Sports fans- Amazon streams Thursday Night Football on Prime Video. It's Wednesday, wait no further!

I created a video for those of you who want a video guide on how to get the app on your TV, either watch the embedded video or head on over the YouTube and watch it there. I hope you all enjoy your favorite Prime Video episodes and movies on your AppleTV now that the two are finally together.

Love what you do, enjoy the show(s), and rock on.


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